After failing the bar exam multiple times, I knew I had to approach the next test with a different mindset.  My first challenge would be the ethics portion because my passing score was no longer good anymore; however, this part had taken me 3 times to get through in the past.  Mary taught me relaxation techniques that have changed my life.  Also, she helped me get rid of the bad programming within my subconscious that I didn’t even realize was there, i.e. “I am terrible at multiple choice tests.”  I never felt nervous during the ethics test and the answer choices became much clearer to me.  It was the first time I felt like I wasn’t in a fog taking the test.  I passed the ethics test on my first attempt!  I couldn’t have done this without the work I did with Mary.


I recently took the bar exam for the 4th time.  In all the times that I have taken the exam, I have never felt as calm, cool, and collected as I did this time.  The nervous energy in the room can really start to overwhelm you but the relaxation and visualization techniques that Mary taught me made me feel at peace in that room.  Yes, at peace in the room taking the bar exam.  I know it sounds crazy especially from a repeat taker.  Another aspect I want to mention is on previous attempts I would have recurring dreams of me sitting in the bar exam and on the essay day leaving essays blank.  Each time I took the exam, I would end up leaving 1 to 2 essays blank.  This time I had dreams of me taking the exam and answering every essay.  When I took it this time, I didn’t leave any essays blank.  I know this is from reprogramming my subconscious.

This work with Mary is amazing and will change all aspects of your life.

Jo C.

My client passed the bar on her fourth attempt, and it was my pleasure to be present at the ceremony as she was sworn in.