Podcasts are a useful and effective way to reduce stress, connect with your spirit,and re-program your subconscious with positive thoughts, healthy habits and a new peaceful, compassionate consciousness.

Personalized audios are available upon request.


Sleep Tonight

ReleaseTrouble sleeping? This soothing audio recording will guide you through a peaceful garden visualization, and re-program your subconscious mind for restful, rejuvenating sleep and a more energized you.






Your Ideal Weight:  Easily and Naturally

iStock_000016290496Medium(3)Time to achieve the body you’ve always wanted!  Re-program your subconscious mind to work for you and with you to release excess weight.  This 20-minute audio recording provides powerful suggestions for healthy eating, motivation for exercise and a positive, hopeful attitude. Attain and maintain your ideal weight.  Enjoy pride in your body, vibrant energy and a new enthusiasm for life!




Success Is Yours-Inspiration to Create Positive Change

Joyful womanKeep your eye on the prize!   This inspiring 20-minute audio recording will help to motivate you to achieve your desired goal.  Powerfully inspiring words help you to visualize, focus and manifest your dreams.  Attention is energy;  focus, commitment and enthusiasm make it possible.




Meditation for Peace

man on dockTake time every day to relax, center yourself and turn your attention inward.  This calming meditation guides you in connecting with your spirit and your intuition.  Release stress, heal your body/mind, and communicate with your heart.  Affirmations for healing, greater compassion and creativity support you expressing the truth of your being and the highest good.