Hypnosis for Positive Change

Joyful womanIf you are seeking a life of abundant good health, vitality, creativity and loving relationships, our  work together can assist you in becoming self-aware and empowered to create positive change.  Together we can:

  • Clear away negative thoughts, beliefs and habits that keep you from manifesting and celebrating your dreams.  Establish a powerful new belief system for excellent physical health, a calm mind, loving relationships and abundance.  The tools we will utilize are safe, effective, natural and simple:  hypnosis, visualization and imagery, meditation and mindfulness, suggestions and affirmations.
  • Free yourself from negative mind chatter, stress and worry and enjoy a positive attitude, gratitude and success in all you do.  Learn easy techniques to stay calm, centered and focused.  A balanced mind and body allows energy, creativity and compassion to flow.
  • Find your Life Purpose and express your unique gifts and talents.  Find the courage to try something new. Live from the truth of your being.

If you are ready to be free from the past, and create a new life for yourself, please call.  The tools I employ really work.  I’m happy and eager to talk to you, and answer any questions you have.  Take the next step today.


Mary Dziennik, Hypnosis Practitioner

Currently booking online sessions through Zoom or phone.

Please call 303-948-0152



 Establish Healthy Habits- Reduce Anxiety- Heal Phobias- Find your Life Purpose- Explore Past Lives

– Practice Mindfulness and Meditation – Find your Soulmate – Heal Relationships- Clear Financial Blocks- Sleep Deep
Develop your Creativity-  Pass your Exam- Quit Smoking


    I employ various interventions and techniques including:

Meditation & Mindfulness Practice – Hypnosis-Reprogramming –
– Inner Child Work – Spiritual Guidance- Regression  –
-Visualization and Affirmations –