What is everything that’s ever happened to you is in divine order?  What if there are no mistakes, only lessons you needed to learn?  What if the timing of everything is perfect?

Whew, what a relief.  For those on the spiritual journey, there is no “I did it wrong”  or “It shouldn’t have happened.”  There are only life lessons to experience, choices to make, and the decision to stay in your heart, express compassion for yourself and others, and forgive yourself.  I know, easier said than done.  But if you understand that key relationships offer the opportunity for growth, self-awareness and the release of negative beliefs and attitudes,  then those soul mates that show up, are just that.  Sou mates are important teachers in your life that play out your programming perfectly, and reflect back to you who you “think” you are.

If someone in your life is triggering powerful emotions of anger, betrayal, hurt and doubt, it is your chance to turn it around and ask yourself:  what am I seeing here?  What is it within me that has brought this person into my life and needs to be healed?  It’s not to excuse bad behavior, but to look inward and notice repeating patterns of rejection, denial and abandonment.  We make decisions early in life about who we are, what it all means and how we expect to be treated.  Uncovering unconscious beliefs is what our work together is about.  Become aware of what’s in operation within you, feel it, heal it, and establish a new way of being.  Positive change is healing, freeing and offers new perspective on life.  Every day brings a new opportunity for freedom, joy and inner peace.

Divine Order and Spritual Healing:  Perhaps a marriage lasting 10 years is perfect timing, and no reason to judge.  Is it possible you came together at just the right time, served each other well, and parted when the relationship was complete?

Making yourself wrong and bad your whole life is a great burden to carry.   Our bodies, minds and spirits have energy to be used productively and lovingly.

If it’s all used up in bitterness and regret, what do we have to truly offer today?  Understanding, acceptance and forgiveness.  It’s a process and  a prayer.

I’m here for you as soul companion, support and guide.  Blessings to you!  I wish you all joy and light and goodness.