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Artistic / Creative Development

So many of us have artistic and creative aspirations that get squashed by old negative programming

that tells us:  it’ll never work, you’re not good enough, you can’t do it,  who do you think you are, Mozart?  Michelangelo? We get stopped before we can even try.  Your creative instincts are God/Spirit trying to communicate with you that there is more that you can do and more that you can have.  Your creativity and unique way of expressing yourself, is your gift to the world.  No one can do it your way;  you are an original.  Your writing, drawing, singing, etc, are meant to be developed and defined.

Our Sessions together will help to release you from old roadblocks and resistance, and free you up to try something new.  Or perhaps go back to a half-finished project.  We can find and strengthen your inner resources for greater courage, confidence and success. Find your flow.  Allow yourself the satisfaction of creative process, completion and success.   Take a chance and watch what you can do!

I’m happy to help.

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