In 2002, I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico and received my training in Clinical Hypnotherapy. This work of the “inner journey”  or hero’s journey, opened up a whole new world for me.  I found a technique and philosophy for creating the life I wanted to live, but didn’t know was possible.  With each year that passes, my consciousness expands, my heart opens, and my commitment to helping people heal and transform, grows.  More and more, I feel called to assist people in knowing their deepest self:  the genius and infinite intelligence that we all are.  Miracles  are possible, and peace and fulfillment can be found from knowing who you are and why you’re here.

  I know that the path to awareness and healing can be challenging. But the tools in uncovering past negative programming, and rewiring the brain really work!  I’ve experienced my own Awakening through my own commitment, faith and diligence, as well as watched my clients change and transform.  Inner peace is worth the work, plus everything that comes with it.  Vibrant health, a positive attitude and a new life are available to you.

I’m here to encourage and support you in exploring the possibilities of a happier, healthier, more powerful you.  Every day is a chance to reinvent yourself.   Let today be your day of transformation.

Call today, 303-948-0152.  I’m happy to talk to you.


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