Prepare consciously and subconsciously for tests and exams, both verbal and written. Hypnotherapy will help you improve memory and concentration. With hypnosis, you can learn relaxation techniques, boost confidence and develop mental clarity and focus. Clear limiting beliefs and release negative and unproductive emotions. Achieve maximum results. Excellence is found within your own mind, and available to you now.

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Success Story- Passing the Bar Exam

Due to having to move states with a family of 4, and a couple of health issues, I was very freaked out about the Bar exam.  I wound up with only 4 weeks to study for the Bar, and I spent most of that on Essays, NOT the MBE.  Please also keep in mind that I also failed the MPRE(Ethics) with an embarrassing 68 points the first time I took it.

I got so desperate that I went to see Mary for 2 sessions.  After that, I was answering MBE questions in 60 seconds or less.  On the 2nd dayof the Bar exam, I was able to finish so quickly that I was able to take naps in the lobby during both sessions.  I finished the test with almost half the time remaining, and  my score improved by 40 points into the 100’s.

Dan, Denver