I believe good health, happiness and peace are our birthright.

I believe we are all  unique expressions of Spirit.

I believe we are all miracle-workers.

I believe healing of body, mind and soul is possible.

I believe we are meant to find fulfillment.

Calling All Soul-Seekers

My specialty and passion is spiritual guidance and meditation techniques.  I believe that through spiritual connection all the answers we seek can be found.  Whether your challenges are physical, mental or emotional, awareness of God/Spirit/Source will help you to become more aware of thoughts, beliefs and emotions, and give you a new perspective on how to heal.  It will expand your consciousness, and bring calm and inspiration to life’s challenges.

Current research provides evidence of the power of meditation and prayer to heal the mind and body.   Visualization, gratitude, stillness and present moment awareness are tools and practices to rewire the brain, shift energies and create a new peaceful state of consciousness.  Testimonials abound on social media of people recovering and healing from a multitude of conditions and illnesses.   The power of the collective conscious supports us all in accelerated healing.

Please call 303-948-0152 or contact me at mary@mindguidemary.com

Zoom or phone sessions available