White cloudsThere are lots of tools for change, healing and transformation.  Meditation is one of the oldest and most powerful practices to assist you in becoming more self-aware, shed negative beliefs and illusion, and make contact with your soul.

There are lots of different forms of meditation from guided meditation and visualization, chakra clearing, heart meditations, mantra meditation and moving meditations.    The purpose is to bring your attention and awareness into the present moment, calm and quiet the mind, and bring more awareness to sensations and feelings in the body.  It is also a way to connect with your deeper self, what we call the Soul, Spirit, God or Life Force.  Communication with this wise, calm, loving part of ourselves, can free you from anxiety, confusion and fear, and guide you in making positive, constructive decisions in your life.  It is transformation of body, mind and soul through total acceptance of thoughts, feelings and beliefs;  no more hiding, no more running away, and the end of denial.
The power of your own consciousness has the ability to transform physical illness,  mental anguish and spiritual unrest.

The benefits of a daily 30-minute practice are numerous and profound.  Experience and enjoy:

  • Mental clarity, focus and concentration
  • Emotional poise and greater self-control
  • Diminished anxiety and depression
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Motivation and inspiration for positive change
  • Greater compassion, patience and acceptance
  • Gratitude for the life you have
  • Improved communication and more loving relationships
  • Connection to your True Self-  guidance, improved intuition, and loving support.

Liberation from our own illusions and suffering, and the awareness of truth and unconditional love are fulfillment  and joy discovered.

To learn more about how to begin, or to go deeper into your practice, contact me and we’ll journey inward.

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