Calling All Soul-Seekers

My specialty and passion is spiritual guidance and meditation techniques.  I believe that through spiritual connection all the answers we seek can be found.  Whether your challenges are physical, mental or emotional, awareness of God/Spirit/Source will help you to become more aware of thoughts, beliefs and emotions, and give you a new perspective on how to heal.  It will expand your consciousness, and bring calm and inspiration to life’s challenges.

I help my clients uncover unconscious beliefs and ideas, release negative emotions held in the mind/body, and make new and supportive decisions in their lives.  A regular spiritual practice will assist you in staying open and compassionate, both to yourself and the world around you.  For me, it’s where it all begins, and it’s where I’m my best and truest self.


 The Art of Deliberate Creation

Who Am I, Why am I here, and how does “it” work?

These questions have propelled me through my life with both fierce determination and abject surrender. It’s been a long journey home, but more than worth the effort. Knowing who I am and why I’m here has given me a peace I had only longed for.

My hope and intention is to guide you in moving through and forward in your life; understanding and respecting who you are and your place in this world. I believe good health, happiness, loving relationships and prosperous work are available to all. read more..

The Comfort of Eternity
The Art of Deliberate Creation
Spiritual Direction