The Power of Now  by Eckhart Tolle is one of my favorite books, and a very useful and helpful companion on my spiritual journey.   In some ways it’s so simple:  he says the same thing over and over again.  Yet at the same time, so profound!  and the hardest thing to do:  to stay present in your own life, to be in your body and in the now for the majority of the time.

I know it’s been a habit of mine to primarily live in my mind, and visit the present moment now and again.  Now that I feel so much clearer about who I am and “how” I am,  I’ve enjoyed watching myself be in my body, and notice that I show up differently.  I’m much calmer, more balanced, and feel I have more resources available to me now.  More and more, I’m being my true self.    I’ve also noticed I’m more cheerful and less fearful.  Transformation is happening, and it’s exciting to witness.  Michael Singer in The Untethered Soul says, “You’ll get there.  Just stay open and don’t close.  You are great.”

For those on a spiritual path, I offer my support and guidance.  Keep going, remember what is true, and know that the rewards are more and greater than your mind can imagine.  Get excited about the possibilities of a who new you, and experience transformation of body, mind and soul.