I emphasize the importance of a regular spiritual practice over and over again to my clients.  The mind can easily make excuses to not take the time, but your presence, health and peace depend on it.  What does it mean to be mindful, and how does it help?   Mindfulness is defined as present moment awareness, with acceptance;  so there’s a part one, and a part two.  Whatever you’re doing in any given moment, are you fully present in your body and paying attention to the environment and people around you?   Most people wander off in their minds when they don’t “really”  have to pay attention.  This may seem innocent enough,  but it can keep your mind stuck in repetitive negative thoughts, worries and concerns.  It can reinforce negative, unhealthy programming, and keep you from creating positive change in your life.  The mind/brain is a survival mechanism that is always looking for trouble.

Wherever you are,  and whatever you’re doing, stop, take a breathe, and come back to your body. Come back to the Now.  It strengthens the physical body, it calms and quiets the mind, and creates greater awareness of where you are, and who you are.  Begin to notice your thoughts.  Start to separate out the “you” who is watching and hearing the thoughts, from your thoughts and feelings.   You are the observer of thoughts and feelings, the consciousness and stillness behind the activity of mind.  By maintaining attention in the now, it allows you greater freedom, awareness and choice about who you are, and how you move through the world.  You may be surprised at what your mind is thinking about all day.  Awareness is freedom, freedom is choice, and happy, productive new choices create a better experience of life.  An added benefit is that everyone loves to be seen.  People appreciate your full attention and concern.   Healthy, happy relationships thrive on attention, awareness and respect.

Part two of mindfulness is acceptance.  This is what is.  In any given moment, accept what’s happening.  Stop fighting and allow the moment to be as it is.  Acceptance keeps you in your heart, and your thinking mind.  It allows for productive solutions, helpful answers and a compassionate response.  Acceptance is an aspect of love, and love is the greatest power on earth.  Choose love.

Come home to your true self, and experience expanded consciousness and transformation.