I believe good health, happiness and peace are our birthright.

I believe we are all  unique expressions of Spirit.

I believe we are all miracle-workers.

I believe healing of body, mind and soul is possible.

I believe we are meant to find fulfillment.


Calling All Soul-Seekers

My specialty and passion is spiritual guidance and meditation techniques.  I believe that through spiritual connection all the answers we seek can be found.  Whether your challenges are physical, mental or emotional, awareness of God/Spirit/Source will help you to become more aware of thoughts, beliefs and emotions, and give you a new perspective on how to heal.  It will expand your consciousness, and bring calm and inspiration to life’s challenges.

I help my clients uncover unconscious beliefs and ideas, release negative emotions held in the mind/body, and make new and supportive decisions in their lives.   I guide them in connecting with their true self, source and soul.  I encourage them to stay in communication with their soul, and stay open and compassionate, both to themselves and others.

Be your authentic self, and watch your dreams become reality.